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FFmpeg HEVC decoding benchmarks

by Niklas Haas on November 8, 2016

Tagged as: mpv, ffmpeg, benchmarks.

Since HEVC software decoding is still very much relevant (especially as hardware decoding chips are both scarce and limited), I decided to compile a few of the benchmark numbers I’ve gotten in the past into a set of graphs.

Performance boost from OpenHEVC intrinsics

These patches still made a very big difference on current git master. Test was done using ffmpeg version N-82299-g0a24587 and this patchset

Time to decode 3000 frames (large, SVG)

Interestingly enough, the intra pred SIMD basically made no difference at all, even making the result slightly slower, but the IDCT still helped a lot. Looking at the code, I can’t find an obvious explanation for this - the HEVC intra pred in FFmpeg is still very much C. Perhaps the compiler just does a good job of optimizing here, or perhaps the OpenHEVC intrinsics are just bad.1

Either way, seems like it’s best to keep this patch off. I have adjusted my own FFmpeg patches accordingly.

Time to decode vs. number of threads

In case you’re crazy enough to buy a 16-core machine for video processing, you’re not going to get great results out of software decoding after the first few cores.

Tests were done using ffmpeg version N-82215-g3932ccc with both OpenHEVC intrinsics patches applied.

Speedup decoding 3000 frames

  1. BBB from the #ffmpeg-devel IRC offers this explanation:

    2016-12-31 16:17:29	@BBB	haasn: the reason intra pred simd doesn’t help is b/c most intra pred is dc, and dc is very trivial in c or simd
    2016-12-31 16:17:39	@BBB	haasn: runtime of dc C vs. idct C is like 1:10 or so
    2016-12-31 16:17:57	@BBB	haasn: directional intra pred is more complicated, but runs sparsely
    2016-12-31 16:18:22	@BBB	(from my memory)
    2016-12-31 16:52:10	haasn	BBB: I did a `perf` and the most time was spent in that hevc_cabac function
    2016-12-31 16:52:11	haasn	or w/e
    2016-12-31 16:55:49	@BBB	haasn: yeah that’s residual decoding, that is normal
    2016-12-31 16:55:57	@BBB	haasn: unfortunately not really simd'able
    2016-12-31 16:56:03	@BBB	I guess you can try simd’ing the bypass function
    2016-12-31 16:56:06	@BBB	but that’s hard
    2016-12-31 16:56:10	@BBB	and I Don’t care about hevc ;)